Buy Best BIS 155 Week 1: Lab Exercise, Quiz plus Discussion


Buy Best BIS 155 Week 1 Lab Exercise Quiz plus Discussion


BIS-155 Week 1 Lab Exercise: Village Shop Sales

BIS 155 Week 1 Discussion: Getting Familiar with Excel

Excel was introduced in 1985. Since then, it has become a standard business tool. Discuss and explain at least six different (unique) features of Excel that make it a valuable business tool. Discuss what type of Excel skills would be important in today’s job market and why. Be specific.

BIS-155 Week 1 Questions & Answers: Quiz
  1. Question: (TCO 1) An Output Area (as it applies to Excel 2016) is defined as _____.
  2. Question: (TCO 1) In Excel 2016, a cell is best described by which of the following?
  3. Question: (TCO 1) Which of the following best describes the AutoComplete function?
  4. Question: (TCO 1) In Excel a formula _____.
  5. Question: (TCO 1) Which of the following best describes the result of using the fill handle on a cell containing a formula?
  6. Question: (TCO 1) Ribbon Commands with arrows indicate _____.
  7. Question: (TCO 1) The three types of data that can … entered in a cell in an Excel worksheet are _____.
  8. Question: (TCO 1) In Excel, a border _____.
  9. Question: (TCO 2) In Excel, a relative cell reference _____.
  10. Question: (TCO 2) In Excel, a function can … defined as a _____.
  11. Question: (TCO 2) =$E2-G$4 contains examples of _____ cell references.
  12. Question: (TCO 2) In Excel, an argument would be best described by which of the following statements?
  13. Question: (TCO 2) The _____ function returns a result based on a condition.
  14. Question: (TCO 2) The MAX function identifies the _____.
  15. Question: (TCO 2) The NOW function would perform which of the following?

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