Buy Best CHHI 525 Test 1 and Test 2


Buy Best CHHI 525 Test 1 and Test 2

Test 1

  1. By some estimates, Europe’s population fell by two-thirds between 1300 and 1450.
  2. The Conciliar Movement sought to end conflicts between European monarchs by calling for political assemblies.
  3. Catherine of Siena played an important role in ending the “Babylonian Captivity of the Church.”
  4. Which of the following was a result of the political, social, and religious changes of the late Middle Ages?
  5. The term “Renaissance” was used to describe a historical period for the first time in
  6. “Christian Hebraism” took an interest in the Hebrew language and Jewish history
  7. Girolamo Savonarola was an ardent supporter of the Renaissance in Florence
  8. Historical evidence proves that Renaissance humanism was a rejection of the Christian faith and morals.
  9. Elector Frederick the Wise of Saxony is credited with saving Luther’s life.
  10. The Reformation shifted the criteria for a good marriage toward mutual affection.
  11. Which of the following groups claimed to carry on Luther’s theological legacy?
  12. Support for the Reformation was sometimes a matter of political strategy.
  13. Heinrich Bullinger
  14. Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religionexhibits the theological influence of
  15. The city of Geneva was a member of the Swiss Confederation.
  16. His friendship with Martin Bucer had a deep influence on Calvin’s theology.
  17. Michael Sattler
  18. Which of the following was a branch of sixteenth-century Anabaptism?
  19. Ignatius of Loyola taught his follower’s absolute obedience to the pope.
  20. The Peace of Westphalia (1648)
  21. Which of the following strategies was employed by Elizabeth I’s Catholic enemies?
  22. Catholics became the objects of bloody persecution under Queen Mary I.
  23. Henry VIII never wholeheartedly embraced Luther’s ideas.
  24. Which of the following was known as an ardent Catholic?
  25. The Elizabethan Settlement was essentially a return to Protestantism.
  26. Discuss the ways in which Archbishop Cranmer furthered the Reformation in England.
  27. Compare and contrast three different Anabaptist groups. What made each one unique? In what sense can we refer to them all as “Anabaptists”?

Test 2

  1. Jacobus Arminius denied the doctrine of original sin.
  2. During the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army took up arms against
  3. Basic Puritan theology in both England and New England was set forth in the teachings of
  4. “Hypothetical Universalism” or “Four-Point Calvinism” is a teaching associated with
  5. Which of the following was NOT a Holy Roman Emperor?
  6. Some seventeenth-century Christians sought relief from the political upheaval and the devastation of war, famine, and disease in
  7. The Magdeburg Centuries was written to defend Roman Catholicism.
  8. Art of what period emphasized the emotional, the turbulent, and the grandiose?
  9. Most seventeenth-century “moderns” denied the authority of Scripture.
  10. Both Catholics and Protestants in the seventeenth century believed that Scripture’s authority stems from the authority of its divine author.
  11. Absolute monarchy was difficult to implement in actual practice.
  12. Who were the Russian rulers who claimed absolute power in the 17th century?
  13. Most seventeenth-century European monarchs believed that their authority derived from the consent of the people.
  14. Isaac Newton believed that natural philosophy (science) and biblical revelation did not contradict each other.
  15. The philosophes were masters of propaganda and self-promotion.
  16. Atheism was associated with social anarchy by some philosophes.
  17. Which of the following is known as the “father of biblical criticism”?
  18. The pejorative name “Dr. Squintum” was used by his detractors to describe
  19. The 1689 Act of Toleration granted Dissenters the same rights as Anglicans.
  20. Latitudinarianism sought to make Christianity more acceptable to intellectuals.
  21. Which of the following individuals is best known for his arguments against deism?
  22. Antoine Court
  23. Unigenituswas a papal bull that defended the doctrines of Jansenism.
  24. Jesuits supported the absolute authority of the pope.
  25. Critics of Jansenism accused its followers of being crypto-Protestants.
  26. Compare and contrast the experiences of Jansenism, Protestantism, and Gallican Catholicism in France during the Age of Lights.
  27. Discuss the emergence, characteristics, and legacy of German Pietism.


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