Buy Best CIS115 Exercise 4 – New

Buy Best CIS115 Exercise 4-New


Week 4 Activity—Parcel Charges
TCO 4—Given a simple problem that requires one or more decisions, create a solution algorithm that uses decisions with logical and relational expressions.
TCO 8 —Given a more complex problem, develop a complete solution that includes a comprehensive statement of the problem, complete program design, and program documentation.

You will need to design an application that will receive the weight of a parcel and calculate and display the cost per kilogram and the delivery charge for that parcel. Calculate the charges using the following data.
Parcel Weight (kg) Cost per kg ($)
2.5 kg $3.50 per kg
2.5 to 5 kg $2.85 per kg
> 5kg $2.45 per kg
Make sure that the weight entered is a positive number, otherwise, your program should display an error message and end. Test your algorithm with the following three sets of data.
Test case 1: package weight of 2 kg
Test case 2: package weight of 5 kg
Test case 3: package weight of 6 kg

Complete the steps and submit the completed file to Dropbox.
1) Variable list
2) IPO chart
3) Flowchart
4) Pseudocode
5) Visual Basic code

Please submit this file along with the complete project folder (in a zip file).

Game Seating Charges
Document Points possible Points received
Variable list 4
IPO chart 4
Flowchart 4
Pseudocode 4
Working program 4
Total points 20


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