Buy Best CIS170 Week 2 Quiz Sample in C#


Buy Best CIS170 Week 2 Quiz Sample in C Hash


1. Question : (TCO 4) Which of the following is the appropriate structure to program the logic determining if a 10% discount should be given based on a minimum purchase?





2. Question : (TCO 6) When using the Visual Studio debugger, press _____ to start debugging and then _____ to step through your program statement by statement.

F5, F5

F5, F10

F10, F5

F10, F10

3. Question : (TCO 6) To cause the Visual Studio debugger to halt the execution of your program at a particular statement, set a _____ at that statement.





4. Question : (TCO 4) How is a decision structure represented on a flow chart?





5. Question : (TCO 4) A conditional expression such as that in the statement “if (x y)” produces a _____ result.





6. Question : (TCO 4) Which of the following is true about the IF decision structure?

An IF does not always need to be followed by an ELSE.

An IF/ELSE is also known as a “dual selection” structure.

It can be nested.

All of the above

7. Question : (TCO 4) The following C# code _____ run, however it contains a _____ error. (Inspect the code carefully!)

int x = 2, y = 3;
if (x > y);
Console.WriteLine(“x is greater than y”);

will, syntax

well, logical

will not, syntax

will not, logical

8. Question : (TCO 4) Given that a = 5, b = 6, and c = 8, which of the following is false?

a == 5

7 = (a + 2)

c = 4

(2 + a) != b

9. Question : (TCO 4) What will be the output of this code?

int x = 3, y = 5;
if (x + 3 > y)
Console.Write(“A, “);
if (x > y)
Console.Write(“B, “);
Console.Write(“C, “);
Console.Write(“D, “);


B, D,

A, C,

A, D,

10. Question : (TCO 6) Raising an exception is the same as _____ an exception.



trying a block of code that might create


11. Question : (TCO 4) Write a C# segment to set a variable to 16 and then test that variable to determine if it’s less than 15 or greater than 20. Print out the variable and the result of the test.

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