Buy Best COMS 532 – Media Technologies & Communication Strategies


Buy Best COMS 532-Media Technologies and Communication Strategies

Course Description

This course examines established and emerging media technologies used by various organizations in communicating specific messages to diverse audiences.




The purpose of media technologies is to review new media and new applications of traditional media. Communication technology is the nervous system of contemporary society, transmitting and distributing sensory and controlling information and interconnecting a myriad of interdependent units. Because these technologies are vital to commerce, control, and maintaining interpersonal relationships, any change in communication technologies has the potential for profound impacts on virtually every area of society.

Measurable Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify the current state of the major media technologies.
  2. Analyze current issues in new media use, particularly those relating to the First Amendment.
  3. Appraise the current academic literature of the field.
  4. Synthesize a Christian perspective on media technologies.
  5. Articulate findings in both written and oral forms.

Course Assignment


After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in Module/Week 1.

Welcome Discussion Board

In this graded assignment, students will introduce themselves to others in the course by posting a video through Kaltura and replying to at least two other classmates.

LearnSmart Exercises (15)

“McGrawHill LearnSmart® is the premier adaptive learning product designed to assess a student’s knowledge of course content through a series of adaptive questions, intelligently pinpointing concepts the student does not understand and mapping out a personalized study plan for success” (McGraw-Hill, 2019). Students will engage with the LearnSmart exercises for each chapter of the text.

Quizzes (8)

Students will take weekly quizzes based on the assigned reading and lecture material. All quizzes will be offered through the McGraw-Hill Connect platform.

Christian Application Paper Abstract & References

Before writing the Christian Application Paper, the student will submit an APA formatted abstract and reference list that briefly summarizes the paper’s intended content. The abstract needs to be accurate, concise, and consistent with the current APA format. Abstracts must be between 150-250 words per APA guidelines.

Discussion Board Forums (3)

Discussion boards are a collaborative learning experience. Therefore, the student will be required to post an initially written document discussing the assigned subject, and then respond to a minimum of two classmates by the end of the module/week for each forum.

Christian Application Paper

The student will write a 3–5-page research paper on an electronic communication technology of their choosing. This technology may be new (e.g., the Internet) or a newer application of older technology (e.g., podcasts, streaming, etc.). The current APA format is required.

Annotated Bibliography Sample

Before submitting the full annotated bibliography, the student will submit a brief sample of 5 unique scholarly references written in the current APA format.

Annotated Bibliography

The student will create an annotated bibliography for one (1) new media technology with 15 fully annotated scholarly references. Each source must be summarized in one paragraph and applied to the paper’s topic in a second paragraph. The current APA format is required.

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