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Buy Best COUC 504 Quiz 3 Demographic Cultural

Buy Best COUC 504 Quiz 3 Demographic Cultural


COUC 504 Quiz 3: Demographic Cultural Dimensions and Native Americans

  1. Incorporating a gender-sensitive perspective is important for the counselor working with
  2. The term machismo refers to a cultural norm regarding gender in __________ culture.
  3. According to Earkas and Leaper (2015), boys become men through
  4. Age discrimination, or denying a job or promotion to an individual solely on the basis of age, is _____ in the U.S.
  5. Older adults may undergo issues related to
  6. Considering language as a powerful tool, which of the following words would be least appropriate to describe individuals with disabilities?
  7. Which of the following practical, tribally-specific interventions discussed in the chapter involves assisting Native clients with an exploration of personal and career issues by focusing in on the positive, cultural themes of belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity identified as culturally-appropriate ways?
  8. Colonization is an apt description for the entire experience of Native peoples being subjugated through European conquest, including
  9. For traditional Native American clients, it may be helpful to suggest including the _________ in the counseling process.
  10. Many Native American tribes do not have a linguistic term for in-laws.
  11. Family therapy generally is not a good option to consider with traditional Native Americans.
  12. Efforts at forced assimilation of Native Americans ended in the 1800s.
  13. More Native Americans live outside of reservations than in them.
  14. While only about 35% of people with disabilities work, the retention rate for such workers is higher than for other groups.
  15. White men over 65 are at higher risk of suicide than men of the same age in other ethnic groups.


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Buy Best COUC 504 Quiz 3 Demographic Cultural
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