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Buy Best COUC 522 Quiz 4-5-6

Buy Best COUC 522 Quiz 4-5-6


COUC 522 Quiz 4: Cultural Competence

  1. Developmental issues that typically confront persons with disabilities include all of the following except
  2. Stereotypically, sex role socialization has exerted influence over the early development of girls by reinforcing
  3. When counselors assume that one value system (their own) is superior and preferable to another it is known as
  4. A person who feels committed to multiple cultures would be called a
  5. Whether the scales of a test measure the same constructs across cultures is an indicator of
  6. Typical domains for vocational assessments for persons with disabilities include
  7. The stages of racial identity development include all of the following except
  8. The process of adopting the traits or social patterns of another group is known as
  9. Individuals with disabilities are confronted with all of the challenges except:
  10. Which of the following best describes “one’s beliefs, awareness, values, subjective experience, sense of purpose and mission, and an attempt to reach toward something greater than oneself”?


COUC 522 Quiz 5: Career Technology, Resources, and Information Uses

  1. Research about the use of computer-based systems indicates that
  2. Students or adults with visual disabilities will need the support of special equipment to obtain career information. Equipment and technology include using:
  3. Several websites that are particularly useful for career planning and information have been developed by the
  4. The most difficult part of helping people make a vocational choice or change is
  5. A person who habitually makes decisions by doing what others suggest is called a/an
  6. Of the various types of deciders described by Dinklage, the type most likely to have the easiest time making a vocational choice is the
  7. When choosing a system for organizing occupations, it is better for guidance purposes if
  8. All of the following are strong assets of a computer-based system except the capability to
  9. All of the following are true regarding resources for effective career centers except
    that they need to
  10. Each of the following is true of ACT’s World of Work Map except:

COUC 522 Quiz 6: Counseling Children

  1. Skills like being reliable, getting along with one’s co-workers, being trustworthy, and completing assignments on time are called
  2. The greatest influence on the career development of children derives from
  3. Suggestions provided in the text to encourage parental involvement in their children’s career development include
  4. According to Havighurst, activities involved during middle childhood (ages 6-11) include which of the following:
  5. The National Career Development Guidelines recommend that middle school students learn all of the following except
  6. An important goal of career development interventions in elementary school is to:
  7. The readiness to cope with the various career development tasks confronting an individual is known as
  8. Career choice readiness includes
  9. According to Havighurst, when children aged 0-5 fail to navigate
  10. Gottfredson’s perspective indicates that


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