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Buy Best ENGL 333 Quiz 1

Buy Best ENGL 333 Quiz 1


  1. Which of the following is “form,” not “function?
  2. The word “leaves” can be a noun or a verb.
  3. Every native speaker of English uses complex English grammar in his/her hearing and speaking.
  4. Correct punctuation:
  5. Correct punctuation:
  6. Which of the following is “bad” grammar:
  7. “Grammaticality” concerns what a native speaker would generate.
  8. “Do not end a sentence with a preposition” is a prescriptive rule.
  9. In the Module One video presentation, the word “shoots” illustrates:
  10. Who was the first to write grammar?
  11. A metalanguage:
  12. Why study grammar?
  13. The subject states the topic of a sentence.
  14. According to a discussion in your textbook, the word “gentleman” is better and more elegant than “geezer” for grammatical usage.
  15. In the sentence, “Candy is bad,” the subject is “candy.”

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Buy Best ENGL 333 Quiz 1
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