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Buy Best Enhanced Miles Per Gallon

Buy Best Enhanced Miles Per Gallon


Modify the Miles Per Gallon application to use exception handling to process the FormatExceptions that occur when converting the Strings in theTextBoxes to Doubles. The original application allowed the user to input the number of miles driven and the number of gallons used for a tank of gas to determine the number of miles the user was able to drive on one gallon of gas.

a) Adding a Try block. Find the calculateMPGButton_Click event handler. Enclose all of the code in this event handler in a Try block.
b) Adding a Catch block. After the Try block, you added in Step (a), add a Catch block to handle any FormatExceptions that may occur in the Tryblock. Inside the Catch block, add code to display an error message dialog.
c) Running the application. Select Debug> Start Debugging to run your application. Enter invalid data, and click the Calculate MPG Button. a message box will appear asking you to enter valid input. Enter valid input and the Calculate MPG Button again. Verify that the correct output is displayed.

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