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Buy Best EXSC 505 Exam 1

Buy Best EXSC 505 Exam 1


  1. Some of the highest bone mineral densities have been seen in which of the following types of athletes?
  2. An aerobic endurance athlete is trying to give himself a competitive edge over his opponents. To improve his lactate threshold, what type of training should he engage in, and in what direction would this shift his threshold?
  3. If an athlete completes a maximum sprint interval in 10 seconds as part of an interval training workout, which of the following is the recommended length of the rest period before the next sprint?
  4. Which of the following describes Type I muscle fibers?
  5. Which of the following describes the portion of the total energy cost of exercise that must be supplied through anaerobic mechanisms due to the slow response of the aerobic system to the initial increase in the demand for energy?
  6. Neural control affects the maximal force output of a muscle by determining which and how many motor units are involved in a muscle contraction and the rate at which the motor units are fired. These two factors are known as what, respectively?
  7. The excess postexercise oxygen consumption experienced by athletes is caused by all of the following EXCEPT
  8. An athlete in the weight room is performing the barbell bench press. If he moves a mass of 75 kg with an acceleration of 2 m/s², what force is he exerting?
  9. An athlete produced 840 watts of power in 0.6 seconds. How much work did this individual performance during the exercise?
  10. Which anatomical plane divides the body into left and right sections?
  11. Eighty-five to ninety percent of all intervertebral disk herniations occur at what two locations?
  12. What joint comprises the ankle and wrist joints?
  13. During higher-intensity exercises, athletes often experience peripheral fatigue. Which of the following is believed to be the reason for this type of fatigue?
  14. Which of the following is the smallest contractile unit of skeletal muscle?
  15. An athlete is used to performing high-intensity (90% VO2 max) aerobic exercise; however, she will now be changing to longer-duration, submaximal exercise on a regular basis. This change in training strategy will typically result in what changes concerning energy supply?
  16. Two athletes are competing in upcoming competitions, a weightlifting meet and a marathon. Which energy systems will each be primarily using, respectively?
  17. The Krebs cycle occurs in which portion of the cell?
  18. As an athlete’s body size increases, which of the following describes how body mass and muscular strength change?
  19. Which of the following describes the flow of blood?
  20. The pelvis is located in the patella.
  21. Which of the following is the order of the phases of a muscle contraction?
  22. Which of the following is a branched-chain amino acid?
  23. On average, how many times per minute does the SA node discharge at rest?
  24. Two individuals of the same body mass are lifting weights. Assuming all other factors to be equal, the person with tendons inserted on the bone in the joint center should be able to lift
  25. Which of the following are the two main divisions of the skeletal system?
  26. Which of the muscles or muscle groups have a fusiform pennation?
  27. All of the following are considered to be advantages when using weight-stack machines EXCEPT…
  28. The chronotropic effect is caused by stimulation of the nervous system and causes the heart rate Which of the following is the resistive force encountered when one attempts to move an object while it is pressed against another object?
  29. The law of mass action states which of the following?
  30. Identify and explain the levers of the musculoskeletal system. Please include real-world examples of each lever and explain why you chose that specific example (15 pts).
  31. Describe what interval training is in great detail. Furthermore, please explain the differences between High-Intensity Interval Training and Combination Training (15 pts).

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