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Buy Best Liberty COSC 611 Discussion 2

Buy Best Liberty COSC 611 Discussion 2


Andrea, a 10-year-old girl of Asian and African-American descent, has had difficulty getting along with her younger sister Beth, who is 7. They constantly fight over toys, TV programs, technology devices, and the mother’s attention. Usually, Andrea picks the fights. The teacher is beginning to notice similar behaviors in the classroom.

  • How would you apply a solution‐focused brief counseling approach to this case?
  • How would you apply rational-emotive behavioral techniques to this case?
  • What cultural considerations might you need to consider?
  • Would a type of peer programming (like a peer mentor) be a helpful technique to use with Andrea?
  • Which approach (SFBC or REBT) do you prefer?
  • Is there a completely different counseling approach you would rather use?
  • How can you advocate for Andrea in the school and home environments?
  • What situations might warrant a referral for Andrea from the school setting to an outside counselor?
  • What steps are you taking to ensure that you will be as prepared as possible for multicultural counseling situations?
    • Knowing what causes
    • Not comparing cultures –
    • Assuming one way is right or wrong, or best
    • Trying to put yourself in their shoes without losing your own culture
  • Give an example of culture within your community that you need to improve your knowledge of and why.
  • Finally, how could you show God’s love and grace in this scenario?


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