Buy Best Liberty University CJUS 330 Test 3


Buy Best Liberty University CJUS 330 Test 3

  1. How many forms of bail are available to a defendant?
  2. Which of the following violent crimes has the lowest clearance rate?
  3. Of the following, which is one of the official measures of crime in the United States?
  4. Which of the following court members dominates the grand jury?
  5. The two primary duties of the grand jury have been summarized in the phrase:
  6. How many layers are there on the criminal justice wedding cake?
  7. There are three types of charging documents.
  8. Only a fraction of the number of crimes committed is actually reported to the police.
  9. The bail agent makes a profit by specializing in high-risk offenders.
  10. The strength of the evidence police provides to prosecutors is one of the most important factors influencing whether prosecutors file criminal charges.
  11. During a preliminary hearing, the state must provide clear and convincing evidence of the defendant’s guilt.
  12. A complaint must be supported by oath or affirmation of either the victim or the arresting officer.
  13. What legal doctrine was established to control police misconduct?
  14. The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Brady v. Maryland prevents the suppression of what type of evidence?
  15. In which of the following U.S. Supreme Court decisions was the exclusionary rule developed?
  16. The particular requirement means that should be as detailed as possible.
  17. The informal and formal exchange of information between the prosecutor and the defense attorney prior to trial is called.
  18. Which of the following actors would be in favor of broader discovery laws?
  19. What effect can the exclusionary rule have on the prosecutor when questions of the constitutionality of a search and seizure arise in a case?
  20. The exclusionary rule prohibits the prosecutor from using illegally obtained evidence during a trial.
  21. If the defense had to disclose evidence to the prosecution, the privilege against self-incrimination would be rendered meaningless.
  22. Reciprocal disclosure by the defense during discovery is limited because the Constitution affords certain fundamental protections to the defendant.
  23. Exculpatory evidence is any evidence that may be favorable to the defendant.
  24. Rejection of search warrant applications by magistrates is a common occurrence.
  25. Traditionally, English common law routinely admitted all confessions, even those produced by torture.
  26. Before a suspect in police custody is interrogated, the suspect must be informed of his/her rights under the Fifth Amendment’s Self-Incrimination Clause.
  27. A count bargain means the:
  28. In Santobello v. New York, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that which amendment’s right to effective assistance of counsel applies during plea bargaining?
  29. An Alford plea is one in which the:
  30. A defendant who pleads guilty is generally required to read and sign which form?
  31. Which of the following is a key consideration for prosecutors when deciding whether to offer a defendant a plea deal?
  32. The rule requires a judge to “address the defendant personally in open court and determine that the plea is voluntary and did not result from force, threats, or promises.”
  33. In, given the defendant’s desire to avoid the death penalty and the existence of substantial evidence of guilt, the plea of guilty was valid even though the defendant denied guilt.
  34. Judges engage in plea bargaining to move cases.
  35. Bargaining is possible because each of the legal actors in the courtroom work group understands the realities of law in action.
  36. Three major factors influence bargaining and discretion.
  37. The decision-making process for defense attorneys involves four phases.
  38. A guilty plea requires a defendant’s waiver of a number of important rights.
  39. Even though a judge or jury is not likely to return a verdict of not guilty, the defendant may still decide that the slim possibility of acquittal is worth the risk of the trial penalty.
  40. Cases go to trial when the parties cannot settle a case through negotiation.


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