Buy Best Liberty University CJUS 535 Strategic Workplan


Buy Best Liberty University CJUS 535 Strategic Workplan

The student will write a 10–12-page Strategic Workplan Paper that covers the implementation of a Strategic Intelligence process. For this assignment, the student will select a problem and design a method for applying a Strategic Intelligence platform to the described problem. The work plan should include the elements provided in the McDowell (2016) textbook, including: (1) an original task, (2) a conceptual framework, (3) a problem definition, (4) terms of reference, (5) a project work plan, (6) method of data collection, (7) collation and evaluation methods, and (8) a hypothesis generation. The paper must properly follow the current APA style. Detailed instructions for APA style can be found in Blackboard. If a student is struggling with the current APA format, he/she may refer to the Additional Information folder for help.


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