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Buy Best Liberty University COSC 660 Quiz 1

Buy Best Liberty University COSC 660 Quiz 1

  1. Data from states and local school districts show that poor students and students of color are
  2. Which of the following is NOT one of the four forces driving change in schools?
  3. Homeostasis results in
  4. Which of the following best described the role of the professional school counselor in the late 20th century?
  5. In order to broaden the role beyond the three “Cs”, professional school counselors should focus on
  6. By 2010, the ________ became the driver of the national movement toward preparing all students to graduate from high school being college and career ready.
  7. The main goal of the professional school counselor should be increasing the __________ of all students.
  8. Broadening the role of professional school counselors allows counselors to
  9. The data shows that poor students and students of color
  10. __________ makes obsolete the long-standing practice by school systems and counselors of sorting students into college-bound and non-college-bound categories.
  11. The new vision role requires that professional school counselors
  12. Professional school counselors must be
  13. What is one of the main reasons a gap in achievement exists among poor, minority children and middle-class children?
  14. The major development that forced the need for educational reform in the U.S. was
  15. There is a need for more highly skilled workers, especially in the fields of
  16. As leaders and advocates, professional school counselors need to re-examine professional roles and think
  17. All of the following are key elements of the new ESSA, EXCEPT
  18. An accountable school counseling program
  19. “Transform” means to
  20. Students in the United States consistently score ________ on international assessments of mathematics and science than do students in other industrialized and even some nonindustrialized nations.
  21. The traditional role of the professional school counselor has lacked focus due to
  22. When professional school counselors begin to practice in collaborative ways with other professionals they become a(n)
  23. Professional school counselors have been described as “sorters and selectors.” What is meant by this phrase?
  24. The _______ is the 2015 update and replacement of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.
  25. To be a part of educational reform, it is critical for professional school counselors to move beyond their current role and become


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Buy Best Liberty University COSC 660 Quiz 1
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