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Buy Best Liberty University COUC 604 Quiz 1

Buy Best Liberty University COUC 604 Quiz 1

  1. According to Hill’s ABC-X model of crises,
  2. The procedures for working with clients in crisis begin with
  3. A cluster of symptoms including somatic distress, feelings of guilt, hostility, disorganization, and behavior changes experienced by the surviving family members of nearly 500 individuals who died in a tragic event in the 1940s was labeled “acute grief.” A disorder that is described in the DSM that seems to parallel acute grief is
  4. Within the mental health community, paraprofessionals
  5. Which of the following statements is TRUE? Crisis intervention
  6. The Task Model proposed by Jackson-Cherry utilizes the following aspects of the assessment:
  7. Ecological crises as defined by the applied theory are
  8. According to the Task Model proposed by Jackson-Cherry
  9. According to OSHA, the factors that create a dangerous work environment and high risk for assault
  10. Counselors working with clients at high risk for violence should do all of the following EXCEPT
  11. It is best for a suicidal client to be transported to the hospital by anyone EXCEPT:
  12. A sole practitioner who experiences fear or intuitive red flags when screening a new client via phone should
  13. If a client states he is willing to be voluntarily hospitalized only if the counselor rides along to the hospital, the counselor should
  14. Regarding in-home counseling. All of the following are true EXCEPT that
  15. The most dangerous setting for counseling practice is a
  16. The majority of stalking cases involve
  17. Providing locked, secured, confidential file storage in crisis situations is
  18. HIPAA has adversely affected counseling practices through
  19. Duty to protect
  20. Under HIPAA protected health information (PHI) is applicable to
  21. The federal government may waive HIPAA penalties
  22. FERPA stands for
  23. FERPA is also known as the
  24. In order to avoid therapeutic abandonment in disaster circumstances the counselor should
  25. “I am still in shock that my husband is having an affair. I really can’t believe it. I thought we had the perfect marriage. How could I have been so stupid to not see this was happening? I feel like such a fool.” Based on this scenario from the text, choose the option that is NOT an example of an effective paraphrase.
  26. All of the following are at the bottom of the micro-skills hierarchy EXCEPT
  27. A summary is used to help clients transition from one topic to another and can provide direction.
  28. A summary is frequently used at the end of a counseling session.
  29. “You have let your parents down, and this is what is difficult because their trust in you is the most important thing” would best be described as a
  30. “Are you thinking of killing yourself?” and “How old were you when your parents divorced,” are examples of
  31. Reflecting feelings can
  32. Which of the following is an example of an open question?
  33. Reflecting skills are NOT
  34. A summary is most commonly used at the start of a counseling session.
  35. The DSM-5 recommends considering the following diagnostic impression when working with someone showing symptoms of ‘complicated grief’ due to the death of a loved one
  36. What should crisis counselors do to address their own issues surrounding grief and loss?
  37. Death by suicide creates special circumstances for the bereaved in addition to the loss of their loved one. Which of the following is NOT TRUE?
  38. Which of the following is TRUE of Worden’s task model of grieving?
  39. The loss of a pet can be as upsetting as the loss of a loved one. Which of the following is NOT a true statement?
  40. When giving a death notification, you should take into account
  41. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about grief?
  42. When giving a death notification, the information must be
  43. During the stage of a typical hostage situation, hostages would be most traumatized.
  44. In a crisis counseling program (CCP), the term “Accept the Face Value” means
  45. During the stage of a typical hostage situation, the hostage taker often becomes suicidal.
  46. Which of the following leadership roles can be found in a Multidisciplinary Crisis Response Team
  47. Which of the following statements about psychological first aid (PFA) is NOT true?
  48. According to the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), 2016 standards, all master’s level counselors-in-training must have a curriculum pertaining to
  49. Psychological First Aid (PFA) can be used with
  50. A mental health clinician practicing psychological first aid (PFA) would be less likely to


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Buy Best Liberty University COUC 604 Quiz 1
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