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Buy Guided AVIA 314 Quiz 3

Buy Guided AVIA 314 Quiz 3


  1. In regard to selecting employees, when is it a good time to send regret letters to employee candidates?
  2. Which is a type of money for running a business?
  3. What are the four Ps of marketing?
  4. How does Mintzberg relate to the Fayol management functions?
  5. In which year did new aircraft production reach its peak?
  6. What are the two key skills necessary to have an effective entrepreneurial spirit?
  7. The globalization of the “market” is helping aviation in what way?
  8. The failure of the manager to resolve work-related issues points to the failure
  9. How much of daily tasks should be handled through the use of standard procedures?
  10. Which is a disadvantage for a partnership?
  11. Which is a disadvantage of informal organizational structures?
  12. Management information systems are critical for financial survival. How often should system reports be analyzed?
  13. Which is one of the two alternatives when taking action after analyzing business activity?
  14. How are managerial efficiency ratios helpful to managers?
  15. Which element aids in the efficient and safe operation of the front desk and line service?
  16. An FBOs line operation is primarily a
  17. One of the main functions of the front desk is
  18. What outside source can cause some FBOs to offer very specific services?
  19. The idea of selling aircraft as a broker implies
  20. The text attempts to address a misplaced emphasis on the training of flight instructors. Which area of skill development should have special emphasis during the training of new flight instructors?
  21. What is the span of control and how can the business choose appropriate spans?
  22. What areas, issues, and functions can be aided by a procedures manual?


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Buy Guided AVIA 314 Quiz 3
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