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Buy Guided BIOS 195 Midterm


  1. Question (TCO1) The level of organization in which different multiple types of tissues join together is called the_____.
  2. Question (TCO1) The process by which unspecialized cells become specialized cells is called
  3. Question (TCO1) In a negative feedback control system, the response of the effector to a stimulus
  4. Question (TCO1) Which of the following is an example of a positive feedback system in the human body?
  5. Question (TCO1) Baroreceptors in the feedback system that control blood pressure sense changes in
  6. Question (TCO2) _____ is an example of an element.
  7. Question (TCO2) All atoms of an element have the same number of _____.
  8. Question (TCO2) Isotopes of an element have the same number of _____ and different numbers of _____.
  9. Question (TCO2) The first electron shell of an atom can hold a maximum of _____ electron (s).
  10. Question (TCO2) The bond between oppositely charged ions is a (n) _____ bond.
  11. Question (TCO3) Endocytosis is an example of
  12. Question (TCO3) Which of the following is necessary for simple diffusion to take place?
  13. Question (TCO3) Chromatin is found in the
  14. Question (TCO3) Which of the following organelles are commonly referred to as the powerhouses of a cell?
  15. Question (TCO3) The human somatic cells contain _____ chromosomes.
  16. Question (TCO3) The protein synthesis process called translation requires
  17. Question (TCO4) Which of the following is NOT an enzyme used to digest carbohydrates?
  18. Question (TCO4) Which of the following organs is NOT an accessory structure of the digestive system?
  19. Question (TCO4) The projection hanging from the posterior surface of the soft palate that helps prevent food and fluid from entering the nasal cavity during swallowing is the
  20. Question (TCO4) Teeth are primarily composed of a bonelike substance called
  21. Question (TCO4) The major events of chemical digestion and absorption of foods occur in the
  22. Question (TCO4) The digestion of proteins into peptides starts in the
  23. Question (TCO4) Which of the following structures has millions of fingerlike projections called villi lining the inner mucosal lining?
  24. Question (TCO4) A vitamin produced by symbiotic bacteria in our large intestine is vitamin _____.
  25. Question (TCO4) Chemical reactions in which simple substances are combined into more complex substances, usually with the addition of energy, are collectively called
  26. Question (TCO4) Which of the following is NOT a common product of the Krebs cycle?
  27. Question (TCO4) Glycogen breakdown occurs when
  28. Question (TCO4) Excess carbohydrates in the diet are converted into
  29. Question (TCO5) Which of the following types of tissues is often ciliated?
  30. Question (TCO5) Cartilage is classified as a (n)
  31. Question (TCO5) Which type of muscle is branched and fastened to adjacent muscle cells with intercalated discs?
  32. Question (TCO5) Which of the following types of tissue contains neuroglia cells?
  33. Question (TCO5) Blood is classified as a (n)
  34. Question (TCO6) All of the following are normal functions of the skin except
  35. Question (TCO6) The only layer of the epidermis that contains stem cells capable of continued cell division is the
  36. Question (TCO6) Exocrine glands that secrete oil directly onto hair follicles are called
  37. Question (TCO6) The cuticle of the nail consists of
  38. Question (TCO6) A burn that penetrates the entire epidermis and some of the dermis is a
  39. Question (TCO5) Which of the following are NOT long bones?
  40. Question (TCO5) The shaft of a long bone is called the
  41. Question (TCO5) Osteogenic cells
  42. Question (TCO5) The adult human skeleton typically consists of
  43. Question (TCO5) The anatomical term for shinbone is
  44. Question (TCO2) Which of the following is a common second messenger used in signaling pathways active by water-soluble hormones?
  45. Question (TCO2) Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) and oxytocin are secreted from the
  46. Question (TCO2) Calcitonin is a hormone released by the parafollicular cells of the
  47. Question (TCO2) Which of the following hormones is or are responsible for the fight-or-flight response?
  48. Question (TCO2) The cells in the pancreatic islets that secrete insulin are called
  49. Question (TCO2) Cushing’s syndrome is due to hypersecretion of
  50. Question (TCO2) Which of the following pituitary hormones controls adrenal cortex activities?
  51. Question (TCO2) Sally is 10 years old and has just been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Her grandmother (who is 65 years old) has also been diagnosed with diabetes. Sally is having a hard time understanding why she needs injections whereas her grandmother is able to control her diabetes with just diet and oral medication. Explain to Sally why their treatments are different based on cellular and glandular differences in their two conditions.
  52. Question (TCO3) Describe the process of mitosis. When does DNA replication occur?
  53. Question (TCO3) You exercise and your muscles generate excess heat. What are the major processes that are used by your body to eliminate this waste heat?
  54. Question (TCO3) Explain the differences and similarities between true ribs, false ribs, and floating ribs.


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