Buy Guided BIS 155 Week 7: Lab Exercise, Quiz plus Discussion


Buy Guided BIS 155 Week 7 Lab Exercise Quiz plus Discussion


BIS 155 Week 7 Lab Exercise: Text Import and Xgame Calculator Macro

BIS-155 Week 7 Discussion Answer: Expert Tools
  1. Excel shares very well with other applications. Why does it import data so easily from other external sources? What features make it easy to manipulate this imported data?
  2. Adding a macro to an Excel workbook is almost like clicking the “Easy” button. They can automate very simple tasks. Why are people often intimidated by macros?

BIS-155 Week 7 Importing and Macros – Quiz
  1. Question 1. (TCO 8) Which of the following is a file type that cannot … imported into Excel?
  2. Question 2. (TCO 8) Which of the following file types uses tabs to separate data into columns? 
  3. Question 3. (TCO 8) Where are web query tools and options …?
  4. Question 4. (TCO 8) Which of the following are settings that control how imported data in cells connect to their source data? 
  5. Question 5. (TCO 8) Which feature is best … to split imported text into multiple columns? 
  6. Question 6. (TCO 8) What is the maximum number of strings that can … manipulated with the CONCATENATE function? 
  7. Question 7. (TCO 8) Which of the following is an alternative to using the CONCATENATE function? 
  8. Question 8. (TCO 8) What governing body created XML? 
  9. Question 9. (TCO 7) Where is the Template gallery …? 
  10. Question 10. (TCO 7) Which of the following formats is … as a background in Excel? 
  11. Question 11. (TCO 7) Which of the following is not a … cell-style category? 
  12. Question 12. (TCO 7) What is the default file extension for a template? 
  13. Question 13. (TCO 7) What is the password character limit in Excel? 
  14. Question 14. (TCO 7) Which of the following tools is best … to complete repetitive tasks in Excel? 
  15. Question 15. (TCO 7) Which of the following items is not … inside VBA modules?


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