Buy Guided CCOU 302 Quiz 2


Buy Guided CCOU 302 Quiz 2


CCOU 302 Quiz 2

  1. When a child has a downstairs tantrum, it would be helpful for a parent to:
  2. The brain continually prepares itself for the future based on what has happened before.
  3. Part of what parents need to do when it comes to understanding that children do not have the biological skill set to think before they act is:
  4. When we understand more about what has happened in our past, it gives us a better understanding of what is happening to us in the present.
  5. Our amygdala causes us to act before we think.
  6. ________________ is a powerful activity for integrating explicit and implicit memories.
  7. When a child has an upstairs tantrum, a parent needs to:
  8. The “downstairs brain” is NOT responsible for:
  9. When a parent engages the upstairs brain in their interactions, the child may begin to see that relationships involve:
  10. Which one is not part of the acronym HALT?
  11. What is one of the last parts of the brain to develop in children?
  12. Empathy is part of the “downstairs brain”.
  13. During the first 18 months of life, a baby encodes memories only explicitly.
  14. An upstairs tantrum is when a child intentionally makes a decision to throw a “fit”.
  15. Journaling can improve immune function, heart function, and general well-being.
  16. It is NOT important to build a stairway between the upstairs and downstairs brain.
  17. When possible, it is best for parents to make decisions for their kids, so they know the parent is in authority.
  18. It is best if parents teach children to __________ painful experiences.
  19. Movement of the body can actually help restore balance to:
  20. The ____________ is the “search engine” of our memory retrieval.


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