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Buy Guided CHHI 300 Quiz Medieval Christianity

Buy Guided CHHI 300 Quiz Medieval Christianity


CHHI 300 Quiz: Medieval Christianity

  1. The ________________ is the name given to the Catholic Latin Bible during the Medieval Period.
  2. The low point in the papacy was during the __________.
  3. Which item listed is not one of the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church?
  4. The Catholic and Orthodox officially split in the year ___________.
  5. The Investiture Controversy originated because the pope did not want secular rulers to
  6. Within _____________ years after Muhammad dying, Islam had spread throughout northern Africa and into Spain.
  7. During the First Crusade, the Crusaders captured Jerusalem, whereas the Muslims retook Jerusalem after the Second Crusade.
  8. “Deuterocanonical” refers to ______________________________.
  9. Match the century to the event.
  10. In the Donatist controversy, Augustine wrote that
  11. “Excommunication” refers to ___________________________.
  12. The Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches both accept only the first _____________ large-scale (or ecumenical) councils.
  13. (This is a multiple-answer question, so choose all answers that apply). Choose which topics Augustine was involved with:
  14. A guidebook that describes the life of a monk or a nun is called a
  15. [This is a multiple-answer question: choose all answers that apply.]. Choose services that monasteries offered during the Middle Ages:
  16. At one point, the Catholic Church had _____ men who claimed to be pope at the same time.
  17. “Transubstantiation” refers to the bread and wine of communion
  18. Two monastic groups attempted to reform the Catholic Church from within. Which one listed is not one of those two groups?
  19. While the number of Crusades varies, the textbook mentions _____ Crusades.
  20. “Religious _____________” refers to groups of men or women who live within a monastery or convent and are usually connected to an organization dedicated to certain core principles.


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Buy Guided CHHI 300 Quiz Medieval Christianity
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