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Buy Guided COUC 510 Quiz Family Systems Therapy

Buy Guided COUC 510 Quiz Family Systems Therapy


COUC 510 Quiz: Family Systems Therapy

  1. Which approach would be most interesting in the interactional patterns, or sequences, in the family?
  2. In working with a triangulated relationship, Bowen would be inclined to place primary emphasis on:
  3. A tool for collecting and organizing key relationships in a three-generational extended family is a:
  4. The systems perspective implies:
  5. Adler introduced __________ to our understanding of the family system (or family constellation).
  6. From the family systems perspective, symptoms are often viewed as:
  7. In structural¬ strategic family therapy, __________ must occur in a family before an individual’s symptoms can be reduced or eliminated.
  8. is based on the subjective descriptions that family members use to define themselves and the interactions that occur in everyday life.
  9. What is the technique in family therapy that casts a new light on a problem and provides a different interpretation for a problematic situation?
  10. The concept of triangulation is most associated with:


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Buy Guided COUC 510 Quiz Family Systems Therapy
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