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Buy Guided CS197 Part 2

Buy Guided CS197 Part 2


Part 2

Create the Web page above. Use a table to control the layout of the page. I have made the borders of the table and cells thick and black to be sure that you could see them and that you can tell how many rows and columns are in the table. You do not need to make the borders stand out that way, but they should be visible. The table should be as large as the entire screen.
The heading for the page () is the largest size heading.
You will have two links to other Web pages on the left. The files for those will be provided.
n the next section of the Web page, there is a form. The heading for the form (Information Form) is also the largest size heading. There are two main groups of fields: the ID group and the Preferences group. The preferences group has two subgroups: Computers and Hobbies. The Computer area lets the user choose a computer preference between two options. The Hobbies area has a drop-down list box where the user can choose one of three alternatives: photography, golf, and cycling. There are submit and reset buttons at the bottom of the form as shown.
The next section has an image called mand2. It is centered in the section, and the background is medium green.
At the bottom, replace John Doe with your name. Use your Grantham email address for the email link.
The size of the text in all cells is 20.
Use an external style sheet to control the appearance of the Web page.
The title is.
Put all your files in one folder and zip it before you submit it.

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