Buy Guided DIGI 850 – Interactive Strategic Media

Buy Guided DIGI 850-Interactive Strategic Media

Course Description

This course will research and investigate the strategic media field for insights into digital media, market strategy, and market objectives.

For information regarding the prerequisites for this course, please refer to the Academic Course Catalog.


This course exists for students to demonstrate a sufficient understanding of the process by which mediated communication transmits a central message to a targeted audience.

Measurable Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of using various strategic media to achieve advertising and marketing objectives such as social media, print, television, radio, and the internet.
  2. Conduct thorough market research to create targeted messages.
  3. Apply strategic media planning and buying techniques to a semester-long advertising campaign project.

Course Assignment

Textbook readings and lecture presentations

Course Requirements Checklist

After reading the Course Syllabus and Student Expectations, the student will complete the related checklist found in the Course Overview.

Discussions (4)

Discussions are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, the student is required to provide a thread in response to the provided promptly for each discussion. Each thread must be a minimum of 500 words and demonstrate course-related knowledge. Each thread must include citations from the Bible and 2 sources. In addition to the thread, the student is required to reply to 2 other classmates’ threads. Each reply must be a minimum of 300 words and must include citations from the Bible and one source. All citations must be in the current APA format.

Discussion: Class Introductions Video

The student will post a 5 – 7 minute video introduction addressing the questions in the prompt. Students will also provide a well-written reply to at least 2 of their fellow students’ video introductions. Each written reply must be at least 200 words.

Research Paper: Foundational Paper Assignments (2)

The student will write two 8 – 10-page research-based papers in the current APA format that focuses on prompts based on mediated communication. The papers must each include at least 10 – 15 references in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible.

Research Paper: Final Assignment

The student will write a 15 – 18-page research-based paper in the current APA format that spans the history of mediated communication and future communication technologies. The paper must include at least 10 – 15 references in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible.

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Buy Guided DIGI 850 – Interactive Strategic Media
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