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Buy Guided ENGL 333 Quiz 4

Buy Guided ENGL 333 Quiz 4


  1. All sentences are clauses.
  2. In the following sentence, “What she does baffles people.”:
  3. The passive voice may be correctly used if it encodes one or more of these attributes:
  4. When are the articles “a,” “an” and “the” used?
  5. “That” is often used to signal a noun clause.
  6. “Tom,” “Janet,” Edward,” etc., are examples of pronouns.
  7. A noun clause is simply a clause that has a noun.
  8. What is the correct “tense” label for the following verb phrase: “has been driving”?
  9. In the sentence “That subject bores me,” “that” introduces a noun clause.
  10. What is a “slot filler”?
  11. “This, that, these, and those” are examples of demonstrative pronouns.
  12. The following has a clause within a clause: “I saw that which he stepped upon.”
  13. “He” is used as an object and “him” is used as a subject in the English pronoun system.
  14. The passive voice mainly involves a lack of action in a clause.
  15. What is “case” in reference to English pronouns?

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