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Buy Guided EXSC 505 Exam 4

Buy Guided EXSC 505 Exam 4


  1. As the bench press exercise is performed, the sticking point occurs at which of the following points within an athlete’s range of motion?
  2. A female athlete’s body fat percentage was measured before the competitive If she was classified as “leaner than average,” what was her measurement?
  3. Which of the following is a guideline for proper technique for the first pull of the power clean exercise?
  4. Which of the following describes a Golgi tendon organ?
  5. An athlete is performing repeated walking knee lifts Which of the following is the best definition of the type of stretching being completed?
  6. Which of the following is a valid test of local muscular endurance for a well-trained athlete?
  7. Which of the following describes muscle and connective tissue elasticity?
  8. An athlete performing which of the following workouts has the greatest need for a weight belt?
  9. During the 300-yard (274 m) shuttle runs, how far away are the lines, and how many round trips are made to complete this test?
  10. Regarding the age and sex of individuals, which of the following is true?
  11. Which of the following is a major muscle involved with the leg extension exercise?
  12. Anthropometry generally includes measurements of all of the following EXCEPT…
  13. Which of the following instructions should the coach give to an athlete when assessing the athlete’s reactive strength index?
  14. An athlete performing ballistic stretching should follow which of the following guidelines?
  15. Which of the following grip widths can be determined using the fist-to-opposite-shoulder method or the elbow-to-elbow method?
  16. Which of the following is a temperature-related effect of a well-designed warm-up?
  17. Which of the following are the components of the RAMP protocol?
  18. Which of the following describes the difference between the upward movement phase of the push press compared to the push jerk?
  19. All of the following are points of contact with the bench or the floor when an athlete is in the five-point body contact position EXCEPT…
  20. For men and women respectively, which of the following loads should be used for the YMCA bench press test?
  21. Which of the following is an example of a low-speed muscular strength test?
  22. Which of the following exercises does not require one or more spotters?
  23. Which type of joint in the body typically exhibits the greatest ROM?
  24. Which of the following is the effect size for a 10-week squat training program? The athletes’ pretraining 1RM squat mean was 150 kg (330 pounds), the posttraining 1RM squat mean was 156 kg (343.2 pounds), and the standard deviation was 6 kg (13.2 pounds).
  25. When an athlete is performing the upward movement phase of the seated barbell shoulder press exercise, all of the following specifies the action of the spotter to assist the athlete to perform the first repetition EXCEPT…
  26. Which of the following grips is used for the hammer curl exercise?
  27. Which of the following allows someone to draw conclusions about a population from the information collected in a population sample?
  28. During a PNF stretch, all of the following muscle actions are used to facilitate the passive stretch of a muscle EXCEPT…
  29. An athlete struggles to return to a “ready” stance after jumping for a ball. This deficiency demonstrates a need to improve which of the following components of athletic performance?
  30. Which of the following describes the difference between dynamic ROM and static ROM?
  31. Identify the three types of grip widths and list the five aspects of the five-point body contact position when a person is in the supine Also, describe why the five-point body contact position is important (15 pts).
  32. Explain the differences between Anaerobic Capacity, Agility, and Also, please identify at least two types of performance tests utilized to assess anaerobic capacity, agility, and speed and briefly discuss why you chose each specific performance test (15 pts).

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