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Buy Guided ITCO331 Lab 3

Buy Guided ITCO331 Lab 3


ITCO331 Unit 3 IP
10 SQL statements
Details: Write SQL statements that will retrieve the following data from a database, using Subqueries and Joins. Using the Northwind database, write a SQL SELECT statement that will retrieve the data for the following questions:
1. For each order, display the Company Name, City, and Country of the customer who placed the order.
o, Include the Order Date and the Required Date. Order the results by Company Name in ascending order.
o 830 rows returned.
2. For each order, list the OrderID, Orderdate, Product Name, UnitPrice, Quantity Ordered, and Total Cost. Label the column ‘Product Cost.’
o For each product (including the discount), only show those orders that were placed in March of 1997.
o Sort the data by the OrderID, then the Product Name.
o 77 rows returned.
3. For each order, display the OrderID, ShipName, and Employee First and Last Name.
o Order the results by Employee’s Last Name in descending order, then by Employee’s First Name in ascending Order, then by OrderID in ascending order.
o 830 rows returned.
4. Modify the first query to list the orders with customer details, but include all customers even if they have not placed an order.
o 832 rows returned.
5. List all customers (include CustomerId and Company Name) who have placed less than 5 orders.
o, Include those customers who have placed 0 orders. Name the count field “OrderCount.”
o, Order by a number of placed orders in reverse order.
o 18 rows returned.
6. Display the ProductName and UnitPrice of all products that have a unit price larger than Tarte au Sucre.
o, Order the results by UnitPrice in descending order.
o 7 rows returned.
7. Display the Customer Name of all customers who have placed orders in 1996.
o, Order the results by Company Name in ascending order.
o 67 rows returned.
8. Display the OrderID of all orders that where placed after all orders placed by Bottom-Dollar Markets.
o Order the result by OrderID in ascending order.
o 28 rows returned.
9. List the Company Name of all U.S.-based customers who are NOT located in the same state (or region) as any of the employees.
o Order the results by Company Name.
o 10 rows returned.
10. Display the Product Names of all products that were placed by customers in CA.
o Order the result by Product Name in ascending order.
o Eliminate duplicate rows in the results.
o 10 Rows Returned.
Objective: • Create advanced queries to meet organizational requirements

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