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Buy Guided Liberty University CHHI 520 Quiz 1

Buy Guided Liberty University CHHI 520 Quiz 1

  1. Ignatius of Antioch emphasized a single bishop leading the church ______.
  2. The Acts of the Martyrs of Scilly tells the story of ______.
  3. In the Martyrdom of Polycarp, voluntary martyrdom is encouraged.
  4. Justin Martyr directed his apologetics toward ______.
  5. The rule of faith ______.
  6. Marcion’s canon of Scripture included ______.
  7. Justin Martyr recounts his life and journey to faith in his ______.
  8. The Montanists emphasized ______.
  9. Roman Pagans accused the Christians of being atheists, meaning that ______.
  10. Papias of Hierapolis claimed that ______.
  11. The official language of the Roman Government was ______.
  12. In the first and second centuries, Christians suffered under all these Roman Emperors except ______.
  13. For Justin and the Greek Apologists, the Logos doctrine referred to ______.
  14. Perhaps the earliest surviving hymnbook from the early church is ______.
  15. Roman Pagans accused Christians of cannibalism because ______.
  16. For Irenaeus, apostolic succession referred to ______.
  17. Roman Pagans accused Christians of ______.
  18. The philosopher Celsus alleged ______.
  19. Ignatius wrote his seven letters ______.
  20. The Didache ______.
  21. Marcion’s theology claimed ______.
  22. The Roman Imperial Cult ______.
  23. Some themes for the First Clement (Epistle to the Corinthians) included ______.
  24. Greek philosophy provided a framework for early Christian theology.
  25. The Epistle of Barnabas ______.


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Buy Guided Liberty University CHHI 520 Quiz 1
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