Buy Guided MATH 0324 – Basic Concepts for Business Math


Buy Guided MATH 0324-Basic Concepts for Business Math

This course help students with the basic math concepts required to be successful in Math 1324. Topics include simplifying fractions, conversion between decimals and percent, translating English phrases into algebraic expressions, the terminology associated with sets, finding subsets, evaluating factorial expressions, understanding sample space, outcomes and events of a probability experiment, using counting techniques, writing, interpreting and plot order pairs, interpret slope, solve linear equations in one variable, translate sentences into equations, solve applications involving linear equations in one variable, solve linear inequalities in one variable, translate and solve applications involving linear inequalities in one variable.

MATH 0324 is a corequisite support course for MATH 1324.  Students should be aware that sections of these courses are LINKED. Therefore, developmental math students who enroll in Math 0324 must also enroll in the linked section of Math 1324 (in the same semester). Developmental students must maintain satisfactory attendance in BOTH Math 0324 and Math 1324.  If a developmental student withdraws or drops from one course in the corequisite pair, then he/she will be dropped from the other linked course.

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