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Buy Guided MIS582 Quiz 3


1. For a relationship to be considered a binary relationship it must satisfy which of the following conditions?
It must involve exactly two entity classes.
It must have a maximum cardinality 1:1
It must have a maximum of 1:N
It must have two entity instances that satisfy the relationship
Both A and D

2. A composite identifier …………..
Is a multivalued
Is an identifier
Consists of a group of attributes
Is calculated at run time
Both b and c

3. The identifier of the entity becomes the ……………. Of the corresponding table
Primary key
Foreign key
Both A and B

4. In a relational DB design all relationships are expressed by ……………
Creating a primary key
Creating a foreign key
Creating a supertype
Creating a subtype
Creating a line between entities

5. In a supertype-subtype structure discriminator attributes…………….
Are easily represented in a relational design
Cannot be represented in a relational design
Require application logic to determine which subtypes correspond to a specific supertype instance
Both A and C
Both B and C

Q: Math the following terms to definitions

…… ID-dependent entity

… weak entity

1. Something that the users want to track in their environment
2. An entity whose identifier includes the identifier of another entity
3. Describe characteristics of an entity
4. An entity whose existence depends on the presence of another entity but whose identifier does not include the identifier of another entity
5. An entity that holds specialized attributes that distinguish it from one or more other similar entities.

Q: briefly describe the process of converting an extended ER model into a relational database design.

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