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Buy Guided NR 508 Week 8 Final Exam Summary

Buy Guided NR 508 Week 8 Final Exam Summary


The final examination covered all topics covered over the past eight weeks including this week’s topics. 

  • Cardiovascular management
  • Neuro/Psych
  • GU
  • Endocrine
  • ENT
  • GI/Nutrition
  • Smoking cessation
  • Infectious Disease
  • Pain Management/ Analgesia

Test Analytics

Test Analytics performed showed that the majority of the questions were moderately easy to moderately difficult. Overall students performed well on the final exam as a whole on the materials covered in the study guide. Material not covered in the study where students received randomized test questions students performed poorly. Also, the materials covered in the reading for week 8 students did not perform well on the final exam.

In addition, we did find several duplicate questions that we will be giving students credit for if they missed these questions twice. Please note only students who received duplicate questions will receive credit.

Test analysis revealed several areas of weakness in student performance as well as a lack of the subject matter in the course. Lab interpretation, Men’s health, and pediatric health.

Credited Test Questions= a total of 47 questions

  • 13 Questions Appeared on the test twice: If you were tested on the same question twice and got this question wrong you will be awarded credit for those questions once (Questions Available in Download)
  • 34 Questions Too Difficult (Questions Available in Download)


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Buy Guided NR 508 Week 8 Final Exam Summary
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