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Buy Guided NR 509 Week 4 Chest Pain SOAP Note (2 Versions)

Buy Guided NR 509 Week 4 Chest Pain SOAP Note 2 Versions


S: Subjective – Information the patient or patient representative told you

O: Objective – Information gathered during the physical examination by inspection, palpation, auscultation, and palpation. If unable to assess a body system, write “Unable to assess”. Document pertinent positive and negative assessment findings.

A: Assessment – Medical Diagnoses. Provide 3 differential diagnoses that may provide an etiology for the CC. The first diagnosis (presumptive diagnosis) is the diagnosis with the highest priority. Provide the ICD-10 code and pertinent findings to support each diagnosis.

P: Plan – Address all 5 parts of the comprehensive treatment plan. If you do not wish to order an intervention for any part of the treatment plan, write “None at this time” but do not leave any heading blank. No intervention is self-evident. Provide a rationale and evidence-based in-text citation for each intervention.


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Buy Guided NR 509 Week 4 Chest Pain SOAP Note (2 Versions)
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