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Buy Guided Penn Foster 418830


Lesson 4 Graded Project
Project Number: 41883000
For this graded project, you’ll complete several tasks to test your knowledge of the material you’ve learned in this course so far. If you’ve read all the material in each assignment and have completed the exercises in the text, you shouldn’t have any problems completing the tasks. For this project, create a program with a class named Car.

You’ve been asked to create a program on cars.
1. Turn to page 563 of your textbook and read Programming Exercise 2—Car Class.
2. Create a program with the information given in your textbook on page 563.

Submitting Your Project
Car Class Design a class named Car that has the following fields:
• year model: The year Model field is an Integer that holds the car’s year model.
• make: The make field references a String that holds the make of the car.
• speed: The speed field is an Integer that holds the car’s current speed.

In addition, the class should have the following constructor and other methods:
• Constructor: The constructor should accept the car’s year model and make arguments. These values should be assigned to the object’s year model and make fields. The constructor should also assign 0 to the speed field.
• Assessors: Design appropriate accessor methods to get the values stored in an object’s year model, make, and speed fields.
• accelerate: The accelerate method should add 5 to the speed field each time it is called.
• brake: The brake method should subtract 5 from the speed field each time it is called.

Next, design a program that creates a Car object, and then calls the accelerate method five times. After each call to the accelerate method, get the current speed of the car and display it. Then call the brake method five times. After each call to the brake method, get the current speed of the car and display it.

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