Buy Guided PPOG 506 Discussion 3

Buy Guided PPOG 506 Discussion 3

PPOG 506 Discussion 3

PPOG 506 Discussion 3 Liberty University Answers

The first task is to select a country to represent in the NATO simulation that you want to learn about. Select either 1 NATO member country, or 1 of NATO’s Mediterranean partners (non-NATO countries) which include Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia. Or you can select 1 of the members of the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, which forms the basis of NATO relations with the Gulf states: Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, or the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The second task is to put in the subject line of the discussion forum which country you have selected.

The third task is to put in the text of the discussion forum post an explanation for why you selected this country.

Keep in mind that each student should select a different country; however, while there is some flexibility here, no more than 2 students may select the same country. Each student must work on Module/Week 6–Module/Week 8 discussion forum postings individually.

The fourth task is to assess how NATO interacts with the Middle East from the perspective of the country you have chosen.

You can see the list of countries here.

You can learn more about issues and themes affecting different NATO countries through this helpful link. There are other resources for you to learn about NATO by going to the following link to the NATO Review-Journal.

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