Buy Guided SOCS 185N Week 8 Discussion: Coming Back to Research

Buy Guided SOCS 185N Week 8 Discussion Coming Back to Research


Initial Post Instructions

End-of-course student surveys exist for you to share your anonymous feedback on your courses. The purpose of the survey is to gather data from a specific population (you, the students) to understand your experience in the course, and to determine areas of success and improvement in our courses, including this one (so hopefully you do share your feedback because we always want to improve our courses and teaching).

Chapter 1 of the textbook and Week 1 of this course explored the research process. As mentioned in Week 1, research is fundamental in the social sciences, and a survey is a common sociological data collection method. If we look at the course surveys from a sociological perspective, we see that they are used to understand a specific population’s perspective of a social experience/issue. For this discussion, then, you will observe and analyze and evaluate the survey itself, as the budding social scientists you all now are, based on your learning in this course!

Now, to come full circle, analyze the end-of-course surveys for their effectiveness as a sociological measurement tool.

  • How would you improve the survey itself to create the very best snapshot of student impressions of this or any Chamberlain University online course?
  • Which questions would you add and why?
  • Which would you delete and why?
  • What questions would you keep the same and why?

Follow-Up Post Instructions

Respond to at least two peers or one peer and the instructor. Further, the dialogue by providing more information and clarification and/or including perspectives from outside scholarly sources shared in the discussion forum by classmates and/or the instructor.


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Buy Guided SOCS 185N Week 8 Discussion: Coming Back to Research
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