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Buy Guided SOWK 325 Media Powerpoint

Buy Guided SOWK 325 Media Powerpoint

Media PowerPoint Presentation Assignment

A variety of media sources address social policies such as news outlets (newspapers, internet, and news stations) and social media. You will be responsible to submit a Media PowerPoint Presentation via Narrated PowerPoint of a policy that was featured in a media source within the past 6 months. You will present the information on the topic in a professional manner for 5–10 minutes integrating the textbook reading and course video clips and lectures.

The presentation assesses Competency 1-Ethics/Prof. Behavior (values, cognitive/affective processes), Competency 2-Diversity (knowledge), Competency 3-Justice (values, knowledge, cognitive/affective processes), Competency 4-Research (knowledge), & Competency 5-Policy (knowledge, values, cognitive/affective processes).

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