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Buy New AVIA 314 Quiz 4

Buy New AVIA 314 Quiz 4


  1. Why would for-sale aircraft in inventory greatly influence the company’s current ratio?
  2. What one economic factor caused numerous mergers and several bankruptcies?
  3. What was the main focus of the GARA?
  4. Which country was the first to introduce the supersonic transport aircraft?
  5. What does the “hub-and-spoke” system describe?
  6. What pricing policy considers introductory prices?
  7. In regard to employee selection, how important is it to actually check potential employee references?
  8. During the performance analysis of a maintenance business unit, the manager may use it to measure unit progress.
  9. Which is a good step to follow when ensuring good quality control of work performed?
  10. Which is the next level of certification for a maintenance technician?
  11. There can be many positions within the maintenance business unit. What are some of the key responsibilities of the manager of the maintenance unit?
  12. Which is a factor of maintenance operations challenge to maintain profitability?
  13. What was a factor mentioned in the book that most contributes to petty theft in the office?
  14. Does TSA require airport employee security training within how many days of being hired?
  15. The text mentions layers of insurance. The text also mentions the idea of a reinsurer. Which company was mentioned as the ultimate reinsurer?
  16. Which is a contributing factor in risk reduction?
  17. In regard to lease terms, what special provisions should be included within the lease agreement?
  18. According to the FAA, how much of the United States population lies within twenty miles of an NPIAS airport?
  19. Where do NPIAS airports get their funding?
  20. Identify four subdivisions frequently encountered in the organizational structure of a maintenance department and discuss their responsibilities.
  21. What are the pros and cons of self-insurance?


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Buy New AVIA 314 Quiz 4
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