Buy New CCOU 302 Quiz 3


Buy New CCOU 302 Quiz 3


CCOU 302 Quiz 3: Integration Self and Others

  1. Research shows that adults who experienced less than optimal childhoods cannot parent effectively because they did not learn the skills through modeling.
  2. The entire process from neural activation to neural growth and strengthened connections is called:
  3. When Seigel talks about examining “all the parts of the wheel”, it leads children to increase rigidity and chaos.
  4. Reactivity emerges from our downstairs brain.
  5. Mindsight refers to:
  6. With the wheel of awareness, “the rim” refers to:
  7. It is important to teach kids to argue with a “we” in mind, instead of just an “I”.
  8. Without an integrated wheel of awareness, children sometimes confuse the difference between “feel” and “am”.
  9. “Sponge neurons” may allow us not only to imitate others’ behaviors but actually resonate with their feelings.
  10. With the wheel of awareness, “the hub” refers to:
  11. Children are born with natural relationship skills developed.
  12. Teaching kids to SIFT for images can help them learn to diminish the power the image has over them.
  13. Recent studies show that this is the best predictor for good sibling relationships later in life.
  14. If we want to prepare kids to participate as healthy individuals in a relationship, we need to create within them:
  15. _________ plus ________ equals mindsight.
  16. “Mirror neurons” may allow us not only to imitate others’ behaviors but actually resonate with their feelings.
  17. Which term listed below for the acronym SIFT is incorrect?
  18. It is important to view ______ as an opportunity to teach your kids essential relationship skills
  19. Focusing on one part of the “wheel of awareness” leads to:
  20. The brain was never intended for “interpersonal” integration.


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