Buy New CHHI 300 Quiz Pre-Reformers


Buy New CHHI 300 Quiz Pre-Reformers


CHHI 300 Quiz: Pre-Reformers, Reformation I & II, and European History

  1. Which issue prompted Luther to write the 95 Theses?
  2. [This is a multiple-answer question: choose all answers that apply.]. Which of Henry VIII’s children supported the Church of England?
  3. Henry VIII wrote a book against ___________________ and was awarded the title “Defender of the Faith” by the pope.
  4. The Catholic or Counter-Reformation banned books (the Index
    ), created a new religious order (the Jesuits ) and met in a council (the Council of Trent ).
  5. Jan Huss was burned at the stake, Ulrich Zwingli died defending his Protestant city, Martin Luther died a natural death and no one disturbed his body, and John Wycliffe died a natural death but his body was eventually burned by the Catholic Church.
  6. Once England revert to Catholicism under Queen Mary, many English ed to
  7. Puritans met with King James and gave him a set of demands. Which one did he agree to do?
  8. Calvin established all the following in Geneva except for
  9. Luther believed the church should only have two sacraments. Which one from the list did not make Luther’s list of sacraments?
  10. The “L” in TULIP stands for _______________________.
  11. Which book can answer yes to the following question: Which book did Zwingli study and Luther and Tyndale use in their New Testament translations?
  12. Match the reformer/reform movement with the leadership style used in churches.
  13. Zwingli’s reforming movement began in 1519 when he
  14. Match the different groups with their descriptions.
  15. The phrase “Morning star of the Reformation” belongs to
  16. The focus of the Jesuits was to _________________________.
  17. Which church leadership style did not originate in the Protestant Reformation?
  18. The document that listed the Anabaptist beliefs is known as the
  19. Which idea is not from Wycliffe?
  20. [This is a multiple-answer question: choose all answers that apply.]. Wycliffe attacked the following Catholic practices.


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