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Buy New CIS115 Sample Quiz 7 – Scholarship

Buy New CIS115 Sample Quiz 7-Scholarship


1. (TCO 3, 10) Review the following scenario and complete the modular design where the main module only controls the execution of the modules.

Smart University (SU) offers Presidential and Dean’s Scholarships to incoming freshmen based on the student’s GPA and teacher recommendations. Once a student applies, SU calculates a scholarship score as follows:
Score = GPA + Average of 3 recommendations
If the score is 8.0 or above, the student will earn the Presidential Scholarship. If the score is 7.5 or above but below 8.0, the student will earn the Dean’s Scholarship. If the score is below 7.5, the student does not earn a scholarship.
Using structured pseudocode, design a solution that determines and displays the type of scholarship a student will earn. The user will input the student’s name, GPA, and three recommendation ratings.
The program should produce the following output for the student:
Scholarship Score: 99.99
Scholarship Awarded: XXXXXXXXXXXXX
The program should use separate procedures for:
• inputting the data;
• determining the type of scholarship; and
• displaying the results.

The following is the Hierarchy Chart for the design, and notice that modules should pass data between them to perform the necessary processing.

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