Buy New CIS170 Week 6 Quiz Sample in C#


Buy New CIS170 Week 6 Quiz Sample in C Hash


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1. (TCO 9) A(n) _____ calls on the operating system to perform input/output functions, whereas a(n) _____ reacts to event notifications from the operating system. (Points : 3)
a console application, Windows application
Windows application, console application
the event handler, system caller
system call, event handler

2. (TCO 9) In figure 1, object2 is a _____ and object 8 is a _____.

(Points : 3)
RadioButton, ListBox
CheckBox, ListBox
RadioButton, GroupBox
CheckBox, GroupBox

3. (TCO 9) Because _____ inherit members from the Control class, they both have the methods Show() and Hide(). (Points : 3)
Buttons and Events
TextBoxes and Events
RadioButtons and Forms
ListBoxes and ComboBoxes

4. (TCO 9) A _____ contains Control objects with which the user can interact. (Points : 3)

5. (TCO 9) The first time a programmer double-clicks on a CheckBox object in Design Mode, the CheckBox’s default event handler method _____ is added to the code. (Points : 3)

6. (TCO 9) In Design Mode, put words next to a CheckBox by modifying _____ property in the Properties Window. (Points : 3)

7. (TCO 9) Type _____ to append “Thanksgiving” to an existing list of holidays in the “cmboHolidays” ComboBox object at runtime. (Points : 3)

8. (TCO 9) Which of the following statements will retrieve the selected item of a ListBox called “listings” and place it in a string variable called “str”? (Points : 3)
string str = listings.SelectedItem;
string str = listings.Selection();
string str = listings.getText();
string str = listings.Text;

9. (TCO 9) Often, multiple _____ objects are placed together on a Panel or _____ control. The user can select one or more of them. (Points : 3)
ListBox, TextBox
CheckBox, GroupBox
RadioButton, GroupBox
TextBox, ListBox

10. (TCO 9) When the user of your fast-food ordering GUI selects the “checkBoxBurger” CheckBox, the string “Burger” should appear in the “listBoxOrder” ListBox. To implement this functionality, write _____ in the ckBoxBurger_CheckedChanged() event handler. (Points : 3)
(CBO burger.Checked == true)

if (ckBoxBurger.Checked() == true)

if (ckBoxBurger.Checked == true)

if (ckBoxBurger.Checked == true)

11. (TCO 9) Identify an example of one of each of the following GUI design errors in figure 2:

•missing the target audience

How could each of the three errors be corrected to improve the user experience?
Figure 2:


(Points: 5)

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