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Buy New COUC 504 Quiz 7 The Latino

Buy New COUC 504 Quiz 7 The Latino


COUC 504 Quiz 7: The Latino and Asian Populations

Module 7: Week 7

  1. Large-scale Asian-American immigration began with
  2. Western approaches to mental health endorse values related to
  3. Being a culturally competent counselor involves
  4. Though acculturative stress can impact many U.S. Latina/os, __________ are most likely to experience acculturative stress.
  5. Eco-maps would be formally considered a type of
  6. Which of the following is TRUE for U.S. Latinas/os of Puerto Rican heritage?
  7. The inability to speak English can lower a Latino immigrant’s ability to attain higher-paying jobs in the U.S.
  8. This particular Latino group has been in the U.S. the longest.
  9. Although Latinos experience similar challenges when immigrating to the U.S., there is sometimes competition between people from different Latin countries of origin.
  10. In McGoldrick’s text, a psychoeducational approach is generally recommended for the Asian population.
  11. In the termination phase with traditional Asian clients, the therapist should always refuse any gifts that might be offered.
  12. Traditional Asian families do not talk openly about sex
  13. According to the literature, one should always work in an insight-oriented way with Latino clients.
  14. When assessing a client’s acculturation level, questions in this area provide the most valid assessment compared to other areas
  15. Since enculturated Asians are direct in their conversation, there is little need to focus on subtle nonverbal or indirect communication aspects when working with them in treatment.


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Buy New COUC 504 Quiz 7 The Latino
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