Buy New ECET 105 Week 5: Homework and Lab


Buy New ECET 105 Week 5 Homework and Lab


ECET 105 Week 5 Homework Assignment # 5

1. Determine the decimal value of each of the following unsigned binary numbers:
2. Determine the decimal value of each of the following signed binary numbers displayed in the 2’s complement form:
3. Determine the outputs (Cout, Sout) of a full adder for each of the following inputs:
1. The circuit below is an attempt to build a half-adder. Will the Cout and Sout function properly? Demonstrate your rationale.
1. Determine the outputs for the circuit shown below. Assume that C0 = 0 for all cases.
1. Complete the timing diagram below for a 2-bit adder. (10 points)

ECET-105 Week 5 Lab: Designing Adders and Subtractors

Objectives: The objectives of this lab were to reinforce the concepts of binary addition and subtraction, to become familiar with the Quartus II program, as well as to build and test a simulation through a simple binary adder/ subtractor.

Results: ► Conclusions: 

  • Parts List
  • Introduction
  • Procedure
  1. Using Quartus II, create the schematic for the circuit shown in Figure 5.3. The schematic must ….. drawn before programming the circuit. Use 74283 for the 4-bit full adder symbol and 7486 for the exclusive-OR gates.
  2. Compile the circuit shown in Figure 5.3 and correct any errors.
  3. Perform several calculations to ensure that the circuit is operating properly. Individual values can …. entered by selecting each input and using the mouse to select a specific time period. In the example in Figure 5.4, the grid ….. set to 500 ns to allow multiple different values to be entered. When a time period is selected, a blue box appears. A value of 0 or 1 can …. entered using the Set to 0 or Set to 1 button. 
  4. Fill out Table 5.1 with your results. The first result is shown in Figure 5.5 (5 + 3 = 8).

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