Buy New IT210 Appendix A

Buy New IT210 Appendix A


Final Project Overview
Appendix A
The final project consists of a checkout application. This application—similar to practical programs at many supermarkets—includes the following elements:

• Complete requirements analysis
• Design
• Verification
• Validation and test documentation

The checkout application is a program that allows users to enter items and totals will be added up and results presented to the user.

The requirements will change for each assignment section. This is because as we go along you will be able to add to the previous assignment using what you have learned during the course.

Each assignment will require you to perform analysis and design and testing. We will learn more formal testing in week 6.

The complete document includes: Requirements, IPO Chart, Hierarchy Chart, Pseudocode, FlowChart, and Test Cases

You need to submit the test cases and one of these documents only from the purchased material

1- Requirements_Hierarchy_IPO_Charts_Pseudocode_Flowchart_PartialArray.docx
2- Requirements_Hierarchy_IPO_Charts_Pseudocode_Flowchart_FullArray.docx

Relevant Material
IT210 Appendix A

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