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Buy New Liberty ETHC 210 Lab Activity 2

Buy New Liberty ETHC 210 Lab Activity 2

  1. Aneuploidy is a condition whereby cells are missing a chromosome or have an extra chromosome. This occurs because of the process of chromosomes NOT separating called _____non-disjunction_________.
  2. The nuclear division process which contributes to the formation of two diploid cells is called _____mitosis________.
  3. The nuclear division process which contributes to the formation of four haploid gamete daughter cells is called___meiosis______.
  4. Mitosis is a karyokinesis process that in humans occurs primarily in __somatic____ cells (the biological term for non-gamete tissue cells).
  5. During Interphase 1 of meiosis, similar chromosomes line up together. When they do this they are called ____homologous________ pairs.
  6. Gametes in humans contain half the number of cells compared to somatic cells and therefore they are classified as being ___haploid______ cells.
  7. The sperm and the egg are haploid cells and in general, they are called ___gametes/sex cells__.
  8. Trisomy 21 or Down’s syndrome occurs during a nondisjunction event which results in gametes with ___three_____ copies of the same chromosome (an answer is a number).
  9. When homologous pairs of chromosomes exchange parts during meiosis this is called ___crossing___ ___over______ (2 words).
  10. The diploid pre-egg or pre-sperm cell which undergoes meiosis was originally created by the karyokinesis process called____mitosis______

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