Buy New Liberty University CEFS 521 Quiz 5


Buy New Liberty University CEFS 521 Quiz 5

  1. The WAIS-IV would be appropriate to assess the cognitive abilities of a
  2. Overall intelligence test scores are usually converted to standard scores with a mean of _______ and a standard deviation of __________.
  3. Spearman defined intelligence as comprised of
  4. Which of the following is not one of the five indexes on the WPPSI-IV?
  5. Which statement concerning the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale is true?
  6. According to Cattell, a test of verbal comprehension would draw on _____________, whereas a test involving memory span and spatial thinking would reflect ____________.
  7. According to Stern, a child with a mental age of 10 and a chronological age of 10 would have a mental quotient of
  8. An individual with a composite score of 118 on the Wechsler scale would have a level of intelligence classified as
  9. A distinction between Piaget’s theory and other theories of intelligence includes an emphasis on
  10. How did Vernon’s model come to be viewed as a way to reconcile Spearman’s and Thurston’s theories?
  11. What can an examiner do that may be helpful if parents do not understand the test results after the examiner initially presents them?
  12. According to the text, in which section of the assessment report is it particularly important for the assessor to remember that other individuals, such as parents/spouses of the examinee, case managers, attorneys, and even the examinee themselves, may read the report?
  13. On aptitude and achievement tests, a flat profile indicates?
  14. The primary function of feedback sessions is to?
  15. According to the text, all of the following are potential “hazards” for highly-motivated examinees in the process of interpreting and communicating test results EXCEPT:
  16. During a feedback session, all of the following may occur EXCEPT:
  17. Counselor John is discussing test results with examinee Jessica. During the feedback session, John inquires about Jessica’s values, interests, expectations, and goals, and also examines Jessica’s performance on previous tests to determine whether her current scores are typical. What “Problem Area” is John most likely addressing?
  18. After a successful feedback session, the client should ultimately be able to?
  19. Sally’s parents are upset about her performance on a battery of tests. The examiner explains to the parents that tests measure only a sample of behavior at a particular time, that scores are not fixed–they can go up or down from year to year, and that Sally’s score may be low because she is simply not skilled in the area measured by the particular tests. What important area of understanding does this particular discussion address?
  20. In written reports, _____________  is usually addressed in both school and mental health settings with regard to the examinee.


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