Buy New Liberty University CHHI 520 Quiz 2 


Buy New Liberty University CHHI 520 Quiz 2

  1. In his Against Praxeas, Tertullian ______.
  2. Irenaeus’s apologetics were directed toward the ______.
  3. In the fourth and fifth centuries, baptisms were performed ______.
  4. The Homoeans affirmed that ______.
  5. In 202, ______ gave an edict against conversion to Judaism and Christianity.
  6. In 311, ______ declared an Edict of Toleration for Christians.
  7. ______ uttered, “What has the emperor to do with the church?”.
  8. Tertullian, Hippolytus, and Origen urged Christians not to serve in the military.
  9. Modalism refers to ______.
  10. According to the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed of 381, the Holy Spirit ______.
  11. The church at Alexandria was characterized by ______.
  12. John Chrysostom was best known for ______.
  13. Gregory of Nazianzus’s five theological Orations especially emphasized the doctrines of ______.
  14. Early Christian worship assemblies included ______.
  15. The Creed adopted at Nicaea in 325 contains extensive language about the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.
  16. Christians did not begin meeting on Sunday (the Lord’s Day) until the reign of Constantine
  17. Basil of Caesarea, Jerome, and Augustine ______.
  18. Decius’s persecution against the church included ______.
  19. The Council of Nicaea of 325 was distinct from earlier church councils ______.
  20. In his Apology, Tertullian ______.
  21. “There was (once) when Christ was not” was a statement uttered by ______.
  22. Christmas, Easter, and saints days ______.
  23. According to the Apostolic Tradition, prior to baptism, candidates received ______.
  24. The Roman leaders behind the Great Persecution of AD 303 were
  25. Tertullian was an advocate of infant baptism.


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