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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.
1. Which of the following is not a control that you can use when creating a Form?
A. Button
B. table
C. CheckBox
D. TextBox
2. Which of the following evaluates x && y first?
A. (x && y) || z
B. z(x&&y)
C. (z (xy))
D. z || (xy)
3. When a variable can not be used in a loop anymore because it no longer exists, it’s referred to as being
A. out of bounds.
B. decimated.
C. deceased.
D. out of scope.
4. An integer contained within square brackets that indicates the position of one of an array’s variables is the _______ integer.
A. new
B. superclass
C. index
D. length
5. In a switch statement, the switch expression establishes the
A. switch structure.
B. governing type.
C. case.
D. data type.
6. In a for statement, the keyword for comes before which of the following punctuation marks?
A. ( )
B. ‘ ’
C. { }
D. [ ]
7. A loop that executes a specific number of times is referred to as a/an _______ loop.
A. infinite
B. specific
C. dynamic
D. definite
8. One or more statements within a pair of curly braces is known as a/an
A. decision structure.
B. control statement.
C. block.
D. compound statement.
9. The method that finds a requested value in a sorted array is the _______ method.
A. Reverse()
B. BinarySearch()
C. Sort()
D. CompareTo()
10. When creating a Form in the Visual Studio IDE, where would you find a list of controls to add to the Form?
A. Toolbox tab
B. Form Designer
C. Solution Explorer
D. Main menu
11. Which of the following keywords is not used in a switch structure?
A. default
B. start
C. case
D. break
12. To set a Button on a Form that’s clicked when a user presses the Enter key, you would add the _______ property.
A. ReturnButton
B. AcceptButton
C. EnterButton
D. InputButton
13. A loop that contains no statements is referred to as
A. static.
B. an empty body.
C. void.
D. null.
14. If you wish to communicate to the users of your Form, you should add the _______ control.
A. Comment
B. Description
C. Label
D. TextBox
15. When creating if statements, which of the following punctuation marks should you use?
A. ( )
B. ” ”
C. [ ]
D. { }
16. Changing the internal structure of a program without changing the way the program works is known as
A. error handling.
B. code refactoring.
C. self-correction.
D. regeneration.
17. A value that must be supplied by the user to stop a loop is known as a/an
A. immutable.
B. sentinel.
C. integral.
D. literal.
18. Which of the following C# expressions is the equivalent to x > y && y > z?
A. xy z
B. ! (y =x) && z y
C. z && y > x
D. y x && z x
19. Which of the following examples is not another name for a two-dimensional array?
A. Form
B. Multidimensional
C. Matrix
D. Table
End of exam
20. Which of the following statements about ending a while loop is true?
A. The loop control variable is not tested in the while statement.
B. The loop control variable is initialized.
C. The loop control variable is infinite.
D. The body of the while statement must not take an action that alters the value of the loop control variable.


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