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Buy New Penn Foster 418806


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Running on a particular treadmill allows you to burn 3.9 calories per minute. Write a program that uses a loop to display the number of calories burned after 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minutes.
Golf Scores
The Springfork Amateur Golf Club has a tournament every weekend. The club president has asked you to design two programs.
(1) A program that will read each player’s name and golf score as keyboard input, and then save these records in a file named golf.dat. (Each record will have a field for the player’s name and a field for the player’s score.)
(2) A program that reads the records from the golf.dat file and displays them.
Declare string name
Declare integer score
Display “Enter name.”
Input name
Display “Enter Score”
Input score
Open “C: FOLDERNAME golf.dat” For Append As #1
‘ appends the input to an existing file
‘ write to the textfile
Write #1, name, score
close #1 ‘ close the file


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