Buy Solved CHEM 120 Unit 1 Labs: OL Lab 1 and OL Lab 2


Buy Solved CHEM 120 Unit 1 Labs OL Lab 1 and OL Lab 2


CHEM 120 Unit 1 Lab: OL Lab 1: Chemistry Safety

Learning Outcomes

  • Create biodiesel from algal oil
  • Identify the hazards posed by chemicals and how to handle them
  • React quickly and save lives in case of a fire emergency
  • Use the CAS numbers to plan your experiment
  • Identify how to dispose of halogenated and non-halogenated waste
  • Identify H and P phrases in the safety data sheet
  • Safely use a chemical fume hood

Are you ready to work in a chemistry lab? In the Chemistry Safety simulation, you will learn how to safely work with organic solvents. Experiment with dangerous chemicals and make mistakes without putting yourself in danger.

Biodiesel for a greener world
We need to find sustainable fuel sources to reduce CO2 emissions and battle climate change. Your mission in the Chemistry Safety lab is therefore to find an effective process for producing biodiesel from algal oils. Can you figure out how to convert oil into diesel?

Fumes in the fume hood
In the Chemistry Safety lab, you’ll get to work with methanol, a volatile organic solvent. This means you need to work in a chemical fume hood. Learn how to set up your reaction in the fume hood and dispose of solvents in the organic waste. Look up the physical properties of your reactants in the safety data sheet, to make sure your reaction will be successful.

Dangers in the lab
In the Chemistry Safety lab, you’ll learn to identify the hazards posed by the different chemicals that you are using, which is a very important step in the planning of every experiment.

Part 1: Complete Labster Lab Chemistry Safety
Complete all parts of the Chemistry Safety Virtual Simulation Lab.

Part 2: Report and Reflection

Purpose: Describe in complete sentences and in your own words, the purpose of this simulation.

Answer the questions below:

  1. Look up an MSDS of the chemical HCl. What are the major hazards and what precautions would you take when handling this chemical?
  2. Why is proper waste disposal important in a lab setting?
  3. Why is the proper usage of personal protective equipment (PPE) key to a safe lab experience?

CHEM 120 Unit 1 Lab; OL Lab 2; Atomic Structure; Assess the Possibility of Life on Other Planets

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the concept of an atom
  • Explain the properties of the basic subatomic particles: protons, neutrons, and electrons
  • Define the atomic number and atomic mass
  • Define isotopes
  • Identify the basics of the quantum atomic model and describe the significance of the four quantum numbers

Atoms and the subatomic particles

Everything you see around you is made up of atoms, and all atoms consist of subatomic particles. In the Atomic Structure simulation, you will learn the names and properties of the basic subatomic particles and understand how changing the number of electrons may charge an atom either positively or negatively.

Identify different elements from the periodic table

As a part of your mission, you will be teleported to an exoplanet to explore on your own, collect samples, and come up with observations regarding the presence of life on the planet. Back in the laboratory, you will investigate the properties of the elements you brought back from the exoplanet. The periodic table will be close by to advise and guide you.

What is an isotope?

In order to understand the main properties of an isotope in the Atomic Structure simulation, you will use the holo-table. With the holo-table, you will be able to see a magnified atom of Lithium, and you will get the chance to build different isotopes of the same element.

The quantum model and quantum numbers

At the end of the simulation, you will be introduced to the quantum mechanical model of an atom and the four quantum numbers that provide all the necessary information to describe the orbits of the electrons around the nucleus.

Part 1: Complete Labster Lab Atomic Structure: Assess the possibility of life on other planets
Complete all activities and answer all questions within the lab.

Part 2: Report and Reflection

Purpose: Describe in complete sentences and in your own words, the purpose of this experiment.

Observations: Record three observations from the simulation.

Answer the questions below:

  1. In your own words, explain the terms below:
  2. Describe the three subatomic particles that makeup atoms. Be sure that you include their locations within the atoms.
  3. You have an atom of carbon with a mass number of 14. Determine the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons you would expect this atom to possess.
  4. Reflection: Consider what you learned from this simulation. Reflect on three to four key concepts that you learned in this lab exercise. How could the lessons learned in this virtual lab relate to a real-world situation in the community/world or your future career? Be specific in your answer (this should require 5-10 sentences).

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