Buy Solved CHHI 520 Quiz Tenth Century


Buy Solved CHHI 520 Quiz Tenth Century


CHHI 520 Quiz: Tenth to Fifteenth Century

  1. Regarding the relationship of faith and reason, Anselm asserted, ______.
  2. In Pope Urban II’s speech at Clermont in 1095, ______.
  3. Innocent III was the first pope to take the title ______.
  4. The Cistercians ________.
  5. In Terra Pax and More Romano were ______.
  6. Following his death, Pope Formosus’ body was exhumed, and he was judged posthumously for crimes committed.
  7. The practice of private confession (performed annually at Lent preceding Easter) was legislated by
  8. The Magna Carta of 1215 ______.
  9. Scholasticism had little regard for the text of Scripture.
  10. Some outcomes of the Cluny reform included ______.
  11. In the Medieval Period in Europe, the works of Aristotle were translated into Latin from
  12. In organizing his theology, Thomas Aquinas was most indebted to the philosopher
  13. The doctrine of transubstantiation ______.
  14. The Waldenses ______.
  15. The Saint Chapelle Cathedral in Paris was built by ______.
  16. From 1309 to 1377, the papal residence was located in ______.
  17. Gothic Cathedrals were intended to offer ______.
  18. A major outcome of the First Crusade was that ______.
  19. The medieval ecclesiastical institution that sought out heretics to punish them was
  20. Pope Innocent III showed remarkable tolerance to the Albigensians.
  21. Francis of Assisi preached the Gospel to Muslims during the Fifth Crusade.
  22. The church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem was destroyed in 1009 by ______.
  23. In the eleventh century, the papal revival reaches its climax under ______.
  24. Clergy in the Eastern Church practiced celibacy.
  25. In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, ______ advanced the cult of the Virgin Mary.


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